Saturday, 14 August 2010

The final visit on the Newcastle trip

25 April 2010
In the museum previously known as The Hancock, I thought my time had come. This beast thought I might be a tasty morsel - but fortunately - I reminded him just in time that he had died quite a few years ago and was not now in need of refreshment.

The trip had been quite eventful - so much so that I forgot to record the mileage.

Newcastle - almost

25 April 2010
The tour continues to Gateshead and Newcastle --here I am considering the Sage and the Tyne from the ledge.
25 April 2010
I may be a little overwhelmed by this eagle - but it is as nothing to what was to come. This is at Washington Old Hall, a NT property - with links to the first US President.
This was en route to Newcastle on the same day.
22 April 2010
Harrogate Flower Show
I was supposed to be in Majorca - but the volcanic dust cloud put paid to that - and I ended up on day trips around the North. This is me sat in front of a bonsai tree with a label over my head. These trees are too small to swing from - even for me. Can't see the point of them really. How far is it from Northallerton to Harrogate - sorry - don't know.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tuesday, 3rd August, Hadrian's Wall

Walked along Hadrian's Wall from Once Brewed to Housestead's Fort and then got the bus back to the car.
Then visited Durham - another castle plus the Cathedral.

Monday 2nd August, Holy Island

Had a bit of a trip around the Northumberland coast. Started at Holy Island, then moved down to Bamburgh, Seahouses and Craster (Dunstanburgh Castle).

Sunday 1st August, Alnwick

A day out in Alnwick. Visited the gardens and the castle. Didn't see Harry Potter anywhere.

Got a bit damp - typical summer weather.